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Brain Integration Therapy was recommended to me by my Bowen Therapist Colette Claude.  My condition to be a B.I.T. candidate is “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” I have been a “dominant right hemisphere adult” but as a child I beganlife very bilateral.  I could read as a child and was at the top of my class until I went into an advanced experiment in “speed reading.” I never read a book again after this course (third grade), as I was frustrated because I could no longer understand or comprehend anything that I read, as this course taught us to skip words.

 Although this may sound redundant for the diagnosis “P.T.S.D.,” the brain is sped up when one is traumatically dysfunctional.  Before I started with Melissa, I could not put one foot on the ground in front of the other without feeling that there was no ground beneath me and I was very neurologically impaired. I was going to give up driving as my depth perception was progressively getting worse. Life was definitely not fun.

 After completion of Brain Integration Therapy, I have found the significant changes listed below:

  1. Hyperventilating is gone after 15 years.
  2. My impulsive behavior that was working against me now utilizes the logical (left) side of my brain to reason with my decision making, even if there is no decision at all, I am okay with this. I have learned that it takes time to fully integrate.
  3.  I have desire to do new things and I am no longer “couch bound”or bedridden.    
  4. As I mentioned before, I now have balance and do not struggle anymore, this was extremely debilitating. I am walking fine!
  5. The timing in my brain is pausing more and I am learning to actively listen. P.T.S.D. is usually so “self absorbed,” it can be impossible to pause! This is because the traumas have been playing over and over for so many years/ centuries!

 I look forward to sending an update, as it has only been 6 weeks since my Brain Integration Therapy Completion.

 Thank you Melissa!

Jana Valenzano, January 19, 2011  

Author of   "Real Life 202"      

                I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 9 years ago.  Not wanting to experience the side effects of traditional medication, I looked for alternative ways to help me with pain and swelling brought on by RA.  Jasmine spoke to me about Brain Integration Therapy and as she educated me regarding this, I was on board.  I received BIT before the beginning of winter, when joint pain and swelling is at its worst.  Throughout the winter months I had no experiences with pain and swelling.  I was able to get through the season pain free!  Jasmine was also able to point out other areas of my body that I had challenges with, such as, stomach pain.  I had never told her that this was an issue for me.  Brain Integration Therapy was definitely a better alternative to Traditional Medicine.  Not only is it intriguing, but it works!!!

                Jasmine also provided BIT to two of my children.  My 8 year old son was 3 ½ months premature and therefore has had many learning disabilities.  After BIT my son’s speech improved and he was also able to express himself more than he had in the past.  My son is also able to remember books he has read and explain them to me, something he struggled greatly with in the past.

                My 10 year old son struggled with emotions and would internalize his emotions.  With BIT, Jasmine was able to help my son express his emotions instead of internalizing them. 

                The BIT approach is very gentle.  Jasmine was able to help me understand the process and was very patient with me.  I would recommend BIT to anyone who is looking for a different approach when dealing with challenges with the human body.

Lara Zelman

My 10 yr. old son was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder (age 5) and Central Auditory Processing Disorder (age 8). Before Cole started BIT with Jasmine he was a very poor speller, had low reading comprehension, was unable to block external noise, had an inability to focus, and was unable to control his impulses. The result of these issues, were hours of homework that always led to meltdowns and tears.  After the first session with Jasmine there was a difference in Cole. He was finishing seat work at school and scored a 100% on his Social Studies test that week. After the second session he scored a 95% on his spelling test! Cole told me he was able to understand what he was reading and ?the words seemed clearer? to him. The homework he was bringing home was finished in a fraction of the time it used to take. I am so thankful to have found Jasmine at Northern Arizona Brain Integration. I am telling everyone I know about BIT. The results are amazing!



As a long time sufferer of multiple food allergies, I was very excited to learn about Brain Integration Therapy – and after just one session, I was able to eat pizza (with multiple foods on the no-no list) without the typical pain. And after the second session, I was able to expand by culinary options considerably (dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, nuts, etc). It surprised me to find how much a simple thing like being able to order from a menu without fear of painful repercussions has increased my enjoyment of life. I highly recommend BIT to anyone who suffers from food allergies.

Catherine Hillerman

Brain Integration Technique has had such profound effect on my physical, psychological, and spiritual well being!  Several years ago I was in a very serious car accident and was in a wheelchair for close to a year.  Needless to say, I’ve had a great deal of residual pain because of it; especially back pain.  Initially, I started out feeling a little skeptical about this technique (and I like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded individual I might add) due to the fact that it just didn’t seem like there is much to the procedure.  However, that ambivalence quickly faded after noticing a significant improvement with my back pain -even after only being balanced two out of a total of three layers that I was told needed balancing.  It completely took me by surprise about 3 days later when I realized I had gotten through an entire day without taking a single pain pill.  I was amazed! 

Following this experience, I decided to go ahead with a full integration.  This is where the psychological and spiritual healing came in.  I noticed after being balanced that events didn’t have the same emotional strong hold on my life.  Events that normally were emotionally intense inward struggles just weren’t anymore.  Life seemed to flow with more ease, and I wasn’t always straining to make healthy decisions anymore; they just came.

Brain Integration has had a huge impact on my relationships and my overall ability to live a happier, healthier life.  Brain Integration Technique has truly changed my life.

Jillian Duley


I have recently had treatment from Melissa Fields for candida. I have
had the candida for a number of years and I finally feel it has left
my system. The brain integration treatment got to the core of it in a
way I had not previously been able to accomplish and I no longer
crave sugar!! This is a miracle!! I highly recommend this treatment
for those with unending candida issues.


I was afraid of EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME... I was raised in a very dysfunctional and abusive environment up until i was about 15yrs old. I was afraid of failure, success, disappointment to others and myself, public speaking, taking risks, confrontation, ....I had no confidence in myself and very low self esteem. It was hindering my growth in the workplace and affecting me at home as well. I had a terrible temper, which probably came from the violence I was witness to for so many years as a child... At times, I felt like Dr. David Banner trying not to "Hulk out". I would have panic attacks at night, I had soooo many thoughts swirling around in my head, I just couldn't sort through them. I was on prescription medication to help calm me down enough to go through each day. I had a severe problem with a disorder called "dermatillomania".... I picked at my fingers until they bled ever since I could remember. I did it when I was nervous, angry, scared... which was ALL the time.. I was a mess... After Jasmine integrated me for all of these "problems" I have since then expanded my career in my passion for art by voluntarily and spontaneously putting myself out there... I took my portfolio to a local tattoo shop and was hired! I've made tons of connections with other artists that I was always intimidated by. I'm confident, haven't needed to take my meds, haven't had a panic attack and overall, I have nearly "No Fear". I feel great! AND my fingers are healing. I've let go of my "daddy" issues and I feel "free".

S.H., a 33 year old woman

I wanted to send a little note about how happy I am with what Jasmine has done for my family. Jasmine was very caring, compassionate and very professional while working with my two boys aged 7 & 9. My younger son was consistently bringing home N- (meaning F in the traditional sense) on his report card every quarter. After he was fully integrated the next two report cards went from N- to O+ and he made student of the month!! My younger son was also very reserved and shy and not very talkative. However, after integration he has really come out of his shell and is a social butterfly and has been like a sponge with learning new skills…socially, emotionally and academically. My older son, also struggling in school, made the honor roll twice after being fully integrated. He has also become more sensitive to the needs of those around him. He has developed a new skills set as my younger son has with emotions, academics and in the social setting. My older son was also able to read a full 300 page chapter book in a few days!! Prior to integration he was not able to read a chapter book and his reading level was below what the school required…he has also written his own books. I am so very happy with what Jasmine has done and I truly believe that Brain Integration is vital for those who are looking for a more holistic approach as well as what WILL WORK! Thank you Jasmine,

Amanda B

My 16 year old daughter has been diagnosed for many years with semi-severe dyslexia and ADD. She had overcome some of these
obstacles with hard work to become a good student on Honor roll, but still struggled with math. After working with
Melissa and tutoring her math improved and is still improving. She no longer feels blocked in this area. 
Meghan also loves to dance, however it has been very difficult for her to follow dance steps in the past and has been a stumbling block for her to advance, even though she is an excellent dancer.  Since integration with Melissa, her ability to pick up the steps has improved! 
The biggest immediate change we saw was her attitude.  She seems more relaxed and less angry and
frustrated. She can now relax and enjoy! 
In addition, she was very allergic to pine and seems to be less so now.
We appreciate all that Melissa has done for her and our family!
Denise Prettyman

Thank you sooooo much for helping me with everything!!!!! I have a new self confidence and I feel sooo refreshed, happy and excited to start school!!!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! LOVE, Maddie
We are so grateful for what you guys do! Maddie has been going 3 hours a day for the last three days, and she is already benefiting from the results! Everyday she is noticing differences. Spelling and reading comprehension used to be her struggles, she left the office today and was spelling words that she has had difficulty with in the past, frontwards and backwards, then ready to take on reading a book that would have been too difficult for her just 4 days ago! She has been leaving the office and reading everything in sight, she is ready to put her full brain to work! 
Maddie is doing AMAZING in school! She was in the top 5 of being first ones done reading a long passage and was so proud of herself. She said that usually when the whole class was reading a passage last year, everybody was done before her and she would struggle to finish while the rest of the class had moved along and they were answering questions on the board. She said it was so peaceful the other day when she finished and looked around to see everyone still reading. She also was able to remember the details of what the person was wearing, which she used to struggle with, and got all of the answers right. She also got 100 percent on her math quiz, which was all square roots. She is so proud of herself and fitting in so well academically. We are truly grateful.
Finally!!!! After years of stomach trouble, not being able to lose weight, knowing that something is not right in my body, emergency room visits every six months, doctors testing me for so many things and not able to find anything wrong, going gluten free for the past 6 plus months; that helped ease symptoms for a while, you gave me the best gift you could ever give me by finding what is wrong! I am following the advise and information that you gave me on what you found and I have lost 9 pounds in 9 days! I feel so much better! I have even noticed that my body is able to heal faster from a simple scratch! I can't thank you enough! What you guys do is absolutely amazing!!!!!! You found what at least 12 E.R. doctors, 4 different Family doctors, and 2 different gastroenterologist did not find after many invasive tests!
Deanna Hatley

There are not enough words to describe my satisfaction with the results I have experienced with brain integration. Six years ago I had a hysterectomy. Since I was incredibly young, I was put on numerous medications as a hormone replacement regiment. A month after the surgery I began having issues sleeping. I could fall asleep, but nothing I did kept me asleep. For five years I woke up, on average, every 20-30 minutes! I was miserable. I tried natural remedies as well as heavy drugs to get me to sleep and nothing worked. I changed my schedule, adjusted my daily routine and still, every 20 minutes I was praying for sleep. When the doctor finally asked me if I was stressed, I looked at him dumb founded thinking “Well, yeah I am stressed! I can’t sleep!” Melissa knew how frustrated I was as the years went on. As she began her journey and learned about brain integration she was confident that she could help me. While skeptical at first, I knew I would try anything. After the first session of balancing my crazy hormones I experienced immediate results. I was able to sleep for 3-4 hours without waking up and I felt so much better. Knowing that this was working I saw Melissa again. I am now able to sleep without waking up for 6 hours! When I think about how much sleep I was losing before it is hard to believe I could even function during the day. I not only feel better and rested, I am happier. Thank you Melissa for making me feel like a normal 26 year old! I know that any woman going through hormonal changes and imbalances would benefit tremendously from brain integration!

  Kendal Healey

Thank you so much for your work with our son, Zeph, today! We are already seeing a difference and it's amazing how you can have such a positive impact on someone. Everyone needs to know how you can help improve us in so many ways!!! We are looking forward to both Twiggy and myself working with you too! -   
Extraordinary! never meant so much. We had Zeph go to Northern Arizona Brain Integration to open up his possibilities to retaining more of what he learns. Jasmine Castigliano has accomplished something amazing. Zeph could not spell extraordinary and now he can spell it BACKWARDS without hesitation. He also went from 20% reading comprehension to almost 100%. He is talking more and with more confidence! I want to thank Jasmine and recommend her to anyone that would like more fulfillment in their life!

The month of November is dedicated to sharing information about the Northern Arizona Brain Integration Center!  We brought our son in with the hopes of building his confidence and gaining focus and retention.  Our expectations were exceeded beyone all expectations!  There were so many improvements including . . .

  • He started with about a 10-15% comprehension for reading.  He read two paragraphs and could recall a few words.  At the end of the two day therapy, he had almost a 100% comprehension!
  • His spelling improved beyond all expectations.  One example is the word Extraordinary.  He is now able to spell this backwards as fast as he can forwards.  He can look at a word for 30 seconds and spell any word we give him ~ Backwards!  I don't know about you, but I have a tough time spelling a 5 letter word backwards.  The benefit of this is having the ease of learning math problems, biology terms, etc.  
  • His confidence has skyrocketed!  He was very quiet and now he is starting conversations and confident with his skills.
  • This therapy is permanent and not just for children.  I have never recommended someone so highly as I do for Jasmine at Northern Arizona Brain Integration. 

My son is doing really well in school. He hasn't been having any problems completing school work or homework and he has been following directions. He also seems to be having less emotional outbursts. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend brain integration to other parents I know that have children with ADHD. I'm so happy that he can be off the medication and still function well in school and at home.

J.M. - parent of child diagnosed with ADHD

I love love love how wonderful I feel after my sessions with Jasmine Castigliano! My mind is calm, I am more focused and I am sleeping like a baby. No more insomnia. I am telling everyone about BIT. I'm losing weight and its not taking any extra effort. I hope that everyone takes advantage of this gift!

My daughter is 12 the youngest member of the family.  She deals with divorce, a father with bipolar disorder, coupled with siblings who have moved away to attend college. All of my children have always done well in school. The 12 year old has often been challenged with the amount of time it took her to complete assignments. She also left a small school to attend a much larger public school for the Middle School years. With the new school many social issues arose.

I heard interesting things about Melissa Fields and her work in Brain Integration. My daughter was evaluated by Melissa and found that she is slightly dyslexic. My daughter who I thought I had an open conversation relationship with said, when asked by Melissa "How many times do you have to read a book to remember what your read?" My daughter replied 3-5 times! No wonder it took her so long to complete assignments. Her grades and scores in school and on Standardized Test never indicated this problem.

Melissa met with my daughter and dealt with a combination of her issues and needs. Melissa's genuine character and training brought confidence to my 12 year old.
We saw growth immediately. Within a month my daughter was completing her assignments during school. Her homework was a breeze. For the first time ever she is an avid reader.

Melissa and my daughter worked on social and emotional issues as well. There is measurable improvement in many areas. I am so grateful  to Melissa. In her graceful way she shared, educated and applied Brain Integration to my daughter and it is a better tween life.

- 12 year old daughter's Mom

Dear Jasmine,
T continues to show progress since her two sessions with you to address anxiety and some OCD manifestations.  Beyond the almost immediate resolution of her touching door knobs, light switches and counting steps, there has been a significant relaxation and more self awareness in stress situations like exams, meeting deadlines and managing multiple tasks. She weathered finals, and college applications and deadlines systematically. Most important, she is joyful again, looking forward to college with more excitement than trepidation.  
The BIT has been instrumental in her development since last fall, personally and academically. Her grades are good, her approach to her work easier and systematic. Personally, she is calmer and more outgoing, relaxed and energetic... Overall, her outlook is more fluid and open. It has been wonderful and amazing to see.
Thank you.  My turn next!


I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis over 10 years ago. A number of times each year the inflammation has returned, sometimes very severe and lasting months. I have tried every medication available, but none have been able to stop my symptoms from returning. The only other option that doctors have is surgery.

After just a few Brain Integration Therapy sessions with Jasmine, I am drastically better, and able to taper to a very low amount of the medication that I was taking. Following my first treatment, I noticed right away that my mind and body were calm, and my symptoms improved immediately. Jasmine has helped me to realize the negative habits that I have in everyday life, and working to change those has been very beneficial to me, as well. She is not just treating my symptoms, she is treating the causes.

I began Brain Integration Therapy with Melissa Fields roughly 2 months ago. My whole life has changed within those 2 months. I didn’t know very much about BIT when I started. I knew it would be helpful in my school studies, reading comprehension and memory. It has done so much more. I’ve always struggled with depression/anxiety and repeating bad patterns in my life. After the second session I began to feel clearer and more at ease in my own skin. Over the coming few weeks I released deeply hidden grief and sadness I had been carrying with me for 40 years. I will not say it was easy but it was effortless. Melissa’s calming presence sets the tone of healing and well-being. There is not any part of BIT that I didn’t completely love and benefit from.
I have been anxiety free for a month and a half; the way I deal with difficult situation has completely improved. I have been working towards my passion of helping people with intuitive readings for 20 years, with Melissa and BIT I have been able to move past my fears of failure and finally trust myself and my abilities.
Thank-you does not seem adequate enough for the incredible changes that I am still uncovering daily from BIT.
Danna Templeman
May 15, 2013

Let me start off by saying I am a big skeptic when it comes to things like this treatment. My mom was the person who found out about Brain Integration and all but forced me to try this for my son Anthony who is 10. Anthony has had many medical problems since he was born and is developmentally delayed by about 2 years. Anthony has struggled to process information learned in school and in everyday life for as long as we can remember. We had the BIT done in April 2013 and I can’t say enough how much my son’s life has changed for the better, almost instantly!

We have been trying to teach Anthony how to ride a bike (without training wheels) for a few years and he was never able to do more than one foot rotation before falling to the ground. Two days after having the BIT done my husband spent 5 minutes talking with Anthony and teaching him what to do and now we can’t get Anthony off his bike, he rode down the street and back and now spends his afternoons zipping up and down our block everyday with his friends. Anthony has also been in occupational therapy for most his life and his first appointment after the BIT his OT couldn’t keep her jaw from dropping, the whole time she just kept looking at me and smiling as we watched Anthony meet and pass goals he has been working on for two years! It was an amazing sight to say the least! Anthony just keeps improving in everything that he does now from Math, Reading, Writing, (his reading and writing went from a Kindergarten/First grade lever to a 2nd possibly even 3rd grade level) Spelling and just everyday life he is asking questions that he never would have before and retains information (something he couldn’t do before) for weeks to forever.

After watching my son develop in ways that he was never able to before the Brain Integration I have to say my skepticism is far behind me! I can’t imagine if I had not given into my mom and had this done for my son. We used to worry that Anthony would never be able to live on his own and now all we can think about are the possibilities that are out there waiting for him! Thank you Jasmine Castigliano and Northern Arizona Brain Integration for every thing you have done for my son and our family!!

Stephanie O.

We went to C’s last parent/teacher conference for elementary school. Hard to believe. He is doing wonderful. He and the resource teacher agreed, last semester, that he would only see her for half an hour on Fridays to work just on organizational skills.C had straight A’s this semester, including a 95% in Spelling. He still maintains the highest grade in Math in his class. Last semester he had all A’s and one B in Science.It’s amazing the changes that have occurred in C over the last year, least of which are his grades. He is so  much more confident in every area of his life.

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