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Brain Integration is a research-based, non-invasive therapy developed by Susan McCrossin that improves the flow of information to the brain.  This revolutionary technique has been shown to:

-End ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other specific learning disabilities
-Permanently improve memory and concentration

-Permanently improve spelling and reading

-Permanently improve planning and multi-tasking

-Permanently improve balance and coordination

Using principles based on acupressure and applied physiology, BIT changes the electromagnetic flow of information, improving the functioning of the brain without medications - permanently.

The philosophy behind Brain Integration Technique is that all learning difficulties result not from a lack of intelligence, but from the degree of access each person has to specific brain functions and how well these functions are being integrated. 

Can Brain Integration Help Me? 

Click here for a checklist of symptoms Brain Integration Technique can help me with!

Does this sound like YOUR daily routine? 

Would you like this to be YOUR child's school experience? 

Call us to schedule your free assessment today...Complete integration usually takes only 10-15 hours, which includes a comprehensive assessment and follow up visit.

What Else Can BIT Help?

In addition to opening pathways to more efficient learning, brain integration can also be utilized to treat allergies, candida, injuries and pain, as well as hormone imbalances.  Because this modality clears away imbalances within the body's meridian system, its beneficial health impacts are wide reaching.  If you are experiencing pain or stress, please call our office to discuss a possible treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Please bring the following forms with you so we can assist you with achieving YOUR full potential today!

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